We at Northshore Prosthodontic Associates hope you and your families are well. Most importantly, that you are safe and healthy.
These are challenging times, and all of us are doing our part in trying to help stop the spread of this virus.
Our office is in full compliance with the CDC requirements. We are not conducting routine or preventive dental care at this time. We are however, here to respond to any emergencies by phone so we can determine if treatment is absolutely necessary, and if it is, how to address it. All phone calls are answered, and our patients needs addressed to the extent the CDC allows.

We have not been idle during this time the office has been closed for patient care, our team has worked tirelessly, disinfecting and sterilizing the entire office. There is no surface left untouched.

We have also been preparing for the time our office doors reopen. We have been researching all the ways we need to modify the way we practice dentistry. Our goal is to eliminate the spread of the COVID19. This will insure we keep our patients and staff safe. We are planning on implementing pre- treatment screenings of all patients. Our office has always practiced the required sanitation and sterilization procedures, which will continue. We will be adding additional personal protective equipment as recommended by CDC and government requirements if needed. Some procedures will have to be modified, to minimize the production of aerosol, and additional methods will be used to eliminate aerosol when indicated. We are also looking into purchasing additional equipment, which will help eliminate aerosol and help create a safer environment for all.

We are taking this time to prepare for the new normal and remain committed to providing our valued patients with the highest quality of dental care and maintain the safety of all. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Dr. Frank Tuminelli
Dr. Ted Korin
Dr. Dena Surks
De. Elphida Ayvazian