Family Dentistry in Manhasset, Woodbury & NYC

North Shore Prosthodontic Associates offers Family Dentistry procedures at our 3 convenient New York locations. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call: 

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What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is dentistry for patients of all ages. Similar to a general dentist, a family dentist has a long list of services they provide -- except they don’t just treat adults, but kids and teens, too. 

Although the general procedures are much the same, young patients require special attention - especially since their teeth are still developing. As a result, a family dentist will have a great deal of training and experience in working with patients at any age. This will ensure that they know what they need to look out for and how to approach certain types of treatments in younger patients.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Having one dentist for the whole family can be very convenient. You can make appointments for everyone on the same day to avoid running all over town. 

Family dentistry can provide: 

  • Your kids with the opportunity to build trust and confidence in their dentist that they can continue to see throughout their lifetime. 
  • A comprehensive list of services that can be handled in the same office. 
  • A positive environment and foundation for the future of your kids’ oral health. 

Plus, when your kids see you and their older siblings getting dental care from the same team, it can make trips to the dentist seem less scary.

Procedures Offered

At North Shore Prosthodontic Associates, we offer many procedures to our patients. But the most common we encounter with family dentistry include:

  • Routine cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Comprehensive examinations
  • Sealants
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Bonding

Why Choose North Shore Prosthodontic Associates?

At North Shore Prosthodontic Associates, we work hard to be the dentist for every member of your family. This not only gives kids stability in their oral health, but it also allows everyone to feel more comfortable and at ease when it comes to dental treatment. We have seen our patients grow up over the years - and we want the same for you and your kids, too. 

  • Gentle services to meet the needs of young ones. 
  • A comfortable, welcoming environment. 
  • State-of-the-art technology and advanced procedures. 
  • Extensive experience in working with children and teens.


How often should I make appointments for my family to see the family dentist? 

Cleanings and comprehensive exams should be done every 6 months, ideally. Or, at the very least, every year. 

Are general dentistry and family dentistry the same thing? 

No, they are not the same. They do, however, offer a lot of the same services to their patients. A general dentist may or may not see patients of all ages whereas a family dentist is skilled and experienced at treating patients at all stages of life. 

Why is a family dentist better than a pediatric dentist? 

A pediatric dentist only focuses on pediatric patients. That means when your child reaches a certain age, they are no longer going to be able to visit that dentist and will need to re-establish themselves with someone new. A family dentist can be a lifelong dentist. 

What are sealants? And should my kids have them? 

Sealants are a thin coating that is placed on the teeth to protect them from getting cavities. It is important to note that sealants work in addition to brushing and flossing, not in place of it. And yes, sealants can be very beneficial for kids' oral health and are recommended.

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