How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

If you have one or more missing teeth, opting for dental implants can be a life-changing decision. Not only do they function like real teeth, but they look like them, too. Simply put, they can greatly improve your quality of life. 

Though it is not a secret that dental implants can be quite a hefty investment – especially if you need more than one. When something is built with quality and longevity in mind, it is often worth the investment. And, that’s exactly what you find with dental implants. 

A dental implant consists of a couple of different parts. There is the implant itself, typically a titanium post that gets surgically implanted into the jaw bone. It will then be left alone until the two fuse together. An abutment is then attached to the anchored post to hold the artificial tooth and a custom dental crown is then added. 

The process to obtain a dental implant can take a few months. But when it is all completed you are left with a beautiful, highly functional artificial tooth. 

So, how long do dental implants last? 

On average, the implant that has fused to your bone can last about 25 years or more. The dental crown, on the other hand, should last about 10 to 15 years – or longer. 

Factors the Impact Implant Longevity

There are a few factors that impact implant longevity – some of which you have control over others you do not. Yet each needs to be taken into consideration when trying to determine how long your dental implants will last. 

  • Poor bone quality
  • Smoking
  • Certain medical conditions and/or treatments
  • Bruxism/teeth grinding
  • An inexperienced dentist

Caring For Your Dental Implants

Bacterial overgrowth, decay, and gum disease can all impact the gums and the jawbone – which can directly impact the health of your dental implant. This makes caring for your dental implants crucial. The better you care for them, the longer they will last. 

With the right care and treatment, some dental implants may last well beyond 25 years and dental crowns may even last upwards of 20 years or more. Here’s what you can do. 

  • Always brush at least two times each day. 
  • Floss at least once per day.
  • Consider investing in a water flosser to clean around your dental implants
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months for routine cleanings and exams.  
  • Minimize your intake of sugary foods.
  • Ditch the smoking and/or vaping habit

Finally, if your dentist recommends bone grafting or sinus lifting procedures to ensure you have the best bone structure for the implant, it is recommended that you follow through to give yourself the best chance of longevity. 

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